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Innovator is a dynamic company involved in the study of plant nutrition that elaborates its product taking into account plant physiology, biochemistry and formulation techniques of fertilisers.

To achieve a desired result in terms of fruit quality and/or general yield is possibile with Innovator's fertilisers and biostimulants to get an increased rooting, optimal growth, appropriate blooming, fruit setting and fruit development. To reach clear and constant results, Innovator shares with Partners its nutrition programmes where advice is given on how to use the products suited for a crop, with the appropriate dosage and timings.

Innovator take notes of results carried out  on field and elaborate further development of products and programmes in its laboratory and techincal office, where both plant physiology and Customer's needs are matched together.


Production of Innovative fertilisers is possible following every step of the production process: from raw materials testings, to industrial formulation and results assessment on the field. Nothing is left to chance.

The way Innovator follows to implement results of its products and programmes involves a tight collaboration with technical employees of our Partners, with Research Centers and Field trialist.

The quality of results gained is evaluated with cutting-edge techniques that involves metabolomics and genetics testings.

INNOVATIVE solutions

Innovator gives direct support to their Partners on the fields, to evaluate the consistency of the agronomic strategy proposed, to implement new goals and to create strategy for climate change adaptation.

When it is not possible to reach a Partner on the field we organise web conference to train technical staff or study a case that need a consultancy.

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