INN Soil Base - INN Soil Ace - INN Soil Activated


Fertigation is certainly the most efficient way of giving plants nutrients for their growth and development. It is constantly implemented to adapt to techniques of cultivation as aquaponics, aeroponics, vertical farming.


Its technical foundation lies in creation of balanced solution suited for every stage of the crop cultivation.


In relation to its efficiency, it has a lower impact on the Environment and a better profile of costs.


This technique allows higher yields and top quality results as applications can be fine tuned to the specific needs of the plants at the time of application.


Thanks to the targeted products based on formulations designed for every stage, a specific fertilising programme can be  easily developed, for integrating crop need and the equipment in use in the farm.


Targeted products


INN Soil range:


INN Soil Base, obtained through an accurate selection of raw materials and their careful blending, with magnesium and trace elements.


INN Soil Ace is characterised by the use of acid forms of phosphorus that enables the addition of calcium into some of the formulations, without causing  precipitation of the elements.


INN Soil Activated is a formulation enriched with organic compounds that vehiculate nutritional element of Innovator products (or elements already stored in soil) to the plants in a fast and efficient way.

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