Fruit Quality

Fruit Quality

INN Nutri K PK 5-53 – INN Vitaforce Grow - INN Calcium Foliar – INN soil


Up to date specialized farming must meet the needs of a very demanding market. It is important to achieve a fixed sensory quality of fruits, visual characteristics tight to the standar and a required shelf life.


The quality of a fruit is a goal that must be realized through a targeted work, specific for every market.


Modern vegetable cultivars are set to reach these results but has to be helped expecially if environmental stresses occur or soils don't retain nutritionals as we expect.


Certain elements like calcium and magnesium have a direct influence on the texture of the fruit and on the dynamics of water and other element absorption; potassium is implicated in determining the shelf-life of the fruit. Different organic compounds based on nitrogen may positively influence the elasticity of the exocarp tissues. Many trace elements are bound to the protein and lipid synthesis to be found inside seeds and in the exocarp and mesocarp tissues of plants.


Imbalances or deficiencies during the final fruit ripening stage should be avoided as they may undermine  the success of the whole crop.


Targeted products


INN Nutri K PK 5-53 is a biostimulant and nutrient fertiliser for foliar application that promote the synthesis of carbohydrates and maximise the accumulation of dry matter into fruits. It helps the growth and the colour changing of fruits keeping the texture of pulp firm.


INN Vitaforce Grow in constituted by aminoacids from yeast autolysis and a seaweed extract (Ecklonia maxima) only from cold press. It promotes cell multiplication and carbohydrates accumulation into flower organs, fruits or roots/tubers/rhizomes/bulbs in relation to the stage of application. It reinforces plants after environmental stresses, expecially during autumn/winter when low light conditions  causes stem elongation.


By fertigation, during the fruit growth phase, it is advisable to apply one of our INN Soil products, with the highest ratio towards potassium but also including calcium (INN Soil Ace range) and by foliar application in combination with our products such as INN Calcium and INN Magnesium.


To raise the quality indices, during the final phase and by foliar application, it is advisable to use INN Fruitsweet, it is a bio-activator of sugar development and processes that improve the fruits quality. By fertigation use one of our INN Soil products with the highest ratio towards potassium.

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