Sowing and Transplanting

Sowing and Transplanting

INN Radimix - INN Soil


Every crop cycle starts with sowing or seedling transplanting. Seed germination is a process influenced by many factors related to the environment (temperature, soil humidity, oxygen rate) and the quality of seeds itself. It is possible to stimulate the process through seeds dressing with specific molecules that interact with seed metabolism. 


Transplaning should be conducted with the highest care possible because young plants could be subject to transplant shock. For this reason a combination of biostimulant molecules should be tailored for every species and situation to avoid this detrimental state. Low electric conductivity is and important feature of the products dedicated to this initial state. To induce a good respiration of organic matter is important to make readily available substance nearby to roots.


Targeted products


To help the seed germination process, INN Radimix Soil can be used for seed dressing at a concentration of 1%. The most part of the ingredients of the product are organic, safe to use directly on seed at the specified rate. Moreover it has a low environmental impact, compared to synthetic hormones that could be used alike.


INN Radimix Soil could be used before transplanting, through young plants dipping into a solution a 1-2 %  for few seconds.


INN Radimix Soil is advised mainly in fertigation starting from the early stages of the cultivation on soil. In addition to it, one of the products of the INN Soil ranges should be used, choosing a rate with phosphorus as main element.

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