Iron based products

Iron based products

INN Iron Soil - INN Iron Foliar


Iron is a trace element necessary to plants during the whole growing cycle. Its absorbtion by root system is affected greatly by soil pH, becuase iron reacts easily with some different elements and ions, creating non-available to plants compounds.


For this reason some plant varieties have developed specific mechanism to mobilize this element (proton or organic acid emission) and chelating agent emission (siderophores).


Iron can be found in many plant organs because of its role in endogenous enzymes. It acts as an electron transporter inside the plant due to its natural capacity of easily changing chemical valence.


It is therefore directly responsible for respiratory energy: as it is present in the cytochromes, it allows oxidisation of the pyruvate during the Krebs cycle and therefore creates energy for cell division, needed for growth and maintenance of the plant.


Molecules that contain iron are also present in the chloroplasts, units assigned to the synthesis of organic compounds of carbon, involved in the photosynthetic process. Iron deficiency causes a lack of chlorophyll synthesis and other pigments, therefore poor growth and yellowing of leaves.


It is a scacely mobile element in the plant and it can't be moved from old tissues to young ones. For this reason it is important into a nutritional programme to ensure a balanced and constant iron supply during the whole crop cycle.


Targeted products


INN Iron Soil is a water soluble powder formulation based on iron with 7% Fe chelated with HBED.


INN Iron Foliar water soluble powder formulation is based on iron with 11% Fe chelated with DTPA.

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