Magnesium based products

Magnesium based products

INN Magnesium Foliar


Magnesium may be considered as one of the basic elements of Life because it is a crucial element chlorophyll synthesis.


Chlorophyll allowes all the autotrophic organisms to transform the inorganic carbon (CO2) into sugar, making possible plant to grow and satisfy our need for food, textiles and biomasses.

Moreover magnesium is involved, together with Ca and K, to keep the plant hydrated and it acts as a cofactor and activator of many enzymes that transport complexed elements.

A correct magnesium supply to plants is important for the correct performance of the autotrophic system (creating new biomass) and to make other elements reach their target organs.


Targeted products


INN Magnesium Foliar is a powder formulation enriched with organic vehiculants, that carries magnesium to all the cells of the plant, through the access of leaves.

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