Calcium based products

Calcium based products

INN Fruitset Foliar - INN Calcium Foliar - INN Calcium Soil


Calcium is an element that takes part in many physiological processes related to plant mechanic stability, to elements translocation into and outside the cell, for the fruit development and its qualitative characteristics.


In appropriate pH conditions, roots uptake it in Ca2+ form and unlike nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, is not translocated into the plant via the phloem tissues but by the xylem cells (like boron), quickly reaching the meristematic tissues.


It is an element characterized by poor mobility: once it reaches leaves or fruit it is well retained these in favor of new young tissues. Due to this reason it is particularly difficult to keep a balanced nutritional level of calcium, also because the soil level of potassium and magnesium interact with it.


Useful for applications during plant growth to achieve the right degree of green tissue consistency, before blossoming to improve fruit setting and during fruit growth to positively define the qualitative characteristics of fruits. It improve sshelf-life and prevent several physiological disorders (bitter pit in apple tree).


Targeted products


INN Fruitset Foliar contains calcium and boron. They can be considered non compatible from the chemical point of view: this particular formulation however enables absorption of both elements and improves blossoming and fruit setting.


INN Calcium Foliar a liquid formulation that, thanks to fulvic acids, deliver calcium to cells in a fast and efficient way.


INN Calcium Soil is a formulation based on low pH liquid calcium nitrate.

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