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After seed germination and/or transplanting, it is important to follow plant establishment into soil or substrate. A productive plant has to develop a good root system starting from the radicle, that should grow proportionally to the aerial part of the plant. Correct radicle development support a stronger plant (stem, branches, leaves…..). A plant with excessive vegetative apparatus and a scarse root system will not guarantee a maximum yield nor a sufficient quality of fruits.

The plant absorbs water, elements and nutritious substances mainly through the roots. A well branched root system is also an anchor against enviromental stresses like drought, waterlogging or heavy winds.

Some of the factors that influence root development are the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil; also climate plays a major role, especially for what concern water saturation in soli and soil temperature. Some elements and molecules are crucial to stimulate roots to explore the soil or substrate: phosphorus, zinc and other elements with low mobility are few of them. Also organic compounds related to the group of aminoacids and carbohydrates are important to address roots growth: for this reason taking care of soil vitality is one of the first step to take into account to make the crop productive.

Roots are important also for plant transpiration and regulation of air/humidity exchange. For this reason the functionality of a plant is based on the root activity.

Targeted products


INN Radimix Soil, organic bio-activator for fertigation, is easily absorbed by the roots and encourages their development. Thanks to the low molecular weight of the peptides of the product, its components are readly absorbed and used by the plant.  It contains phosphorus and zinc that allow a wide colonisation of the soil and the construction of a higher root mass.


INN Proton Soil is made to keep the root system in full activity during the  whole cultivation cycle, because of its high amount of biostimulant compounds. In alternative INN Aminofx Soil 8 can be used, with a more frequent application rate then INN Proton Soil. 


To nourish the plant with readily available fertilising elements, it is advisable to use a fertigation product from the INN Soil range with its highest ratio towards phosphorous.

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