Zinc based products

Zinc based products

INN Zinc PS - INN Zinc Chel


Zinc is a trace element that doesn't move easily into the soil, that is up taken by the roots in Zn2+ ion form. Plants may experience some interference with zinc and phosphorus absorpition in case phosphate ions are at a too high level. In this scenario, zinc would be up taken by the roots but not translocated to organs.

This is why zinc is often advised with foliar application, so it  can avoid unfavourable interaction into the soil.


This trace element has the role of catalysing some reactions, activating enzymes linked to the plants metabolism. It is especially involved in protoplasms and chloroplast reactions.


It binds with some metal-proteins, essential for the proteic metabolism and therefore for the synthesis of aminoacids and nucleic acids. For these reasons it is important for growth and maintenance of vegetative and reproductive structures. It plays an important role in the auxinic metabolism: it catalyses the indole and serina formation, compounds needed for the synthesis of tryptophan, parent compound of IAA (indole-3-acetic acid) that is known as a natural auxin.


Targeted products


INN Zinc PS is a water soluble powder formulation based on monohydrate zinc sulphate with 35% Zn.


INN Zinc Chel water soluble powder formulation based on zinc chelated EDTA with 15% Zn.

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