Boron based product

Boron based product

INN Fruitset – INN Boron 17 - INN Boron Liquid


Boron is a trace element that participates in many physiological processes of the plant, including blossoming, fruit setting, carbohydrate metabolism and phyto-hormone translocation inside the plant.


It is absorbed through the roots via osmosis like boric acid or via active transport like borate ions. It is translocated in the xylematic passive transport flow in the same way as calcium.


Boron is crucial for blossoming and fruit setting, in fact many floral components (anther, style, stigma and ovary) naturally contain high concentrations of boron. Pollen grain germination and therefore fruit setting is also favoured by pectinic complex containing boron.


Boron deficiency also effects the hormonal metabolism: in this circumstance the auxins appear to be in surplus, causing irregular crop growth, while the cytokinins occur at sub-optimal levels.


Targeted products


INN Fruitset Foliar contains calcium and boron. They can be considered non compatible from the chemical point of view: this particular formulation however enables absorption of both elements and improves blossoming and fruit setting.


INN Boron 17 is a water soluble powder formulation based on boric acid with 17 % boron; suitable for foliar application as well as fertigation.


INN Boron L is a liquid formulation based on boron ethanol amine, 11% B.

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